The Content: 
I'm trying to create content that I myself would want to read. I mean, I know that people that actually know me (and are nosy) would be into reading this site because they want to know what I'm up to.  Especially since I spend so much of my time reading articles, I thought I would try on my own creating some content for myself.  Currently, it seems like I just am writing about things that I would rant on about to someone if they were to actually talk to me in person, but with pictures.  Another thing that's important to me is providing reviews of things that don't have reviews anywhere on the internet.  I am also nurturing a newfound passion for Alzheimer's, whether it's raising money for a cure, or engaging in creative/new ways of helping those dealing with Alz in their own families.  This blog/website/page is about me and my real life and the pictures that sit around on my iPhone just waiting to be wittily captioned.

The Title: 
Best, Isabella is something I write at least 30 times a day, in the various e-mails I have to send to clients and other people throughout the day. This blog was originally entitled "IRL, Isabella," because I couldn't really decide on a blog title, and I always seem to have to put my own name in the title. One day, I decided that it would be funny to sign off on all of my posts like I do in my work emails -- Best, Isabella. Then I figured, why not make that the title of the whole thing? It's even funnier to me because it sounds like I'm trying to say that I'm the "best" Isabella (that there is).  Which I'm not, because Isabella Rossellini exists. I also like the name because the "best Isabella" is something I want to continue to strive for -- to be the best "Isabella" that I can be.

The Girl:
For the people reading this who don't know me personally (unlikely), hi. I'm a self-obsessed millennial living in LA trying to make a blog.  Shocking.  I'm also a CA licensed attorney, a self-proclaimed elitist, and an Equinox member (which clearly makes me feel like I have my life together).  I have lots of ~pinay pride~ and want to lean into it even further.  Outside of an addiction to shopping, I care deeply about workplace equality and finding a cure for Alzheimer's.  I have a boyfriend but not a dog, so for now I've been pretending that my parents' dog (who currently lives 5 hours away from me) is my own. I aspire to be self-employed so I can have my own dog.  The best (aspirational) Isabella would be constantly creating, own Chanel flats, gets paid to travel, is on the board of at least one organization, and speaks a multitude of other languages, including Tagalog.

That's it for now. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can email me at irlblogirl@gmail.com (the title of this site used to be "irlisabella," in literal reference to "real life" as opposed to the fake lives put on by many bloggers today)


DISCLOSURE: This is a personal blog. All views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and may not reflect those of my employer.