I'm Just So "Busy"

Ok so I haven't been posting again. I just don't have "time."  Except I do have time.  I wish I prioritized writing here more because it is actually something that makes me feel good.  I psych myself out with too much added pressure as to writing about interesting things or funny things or adding good pictures or whatever.

I just want to write when the inspiration strikes, but I also only really have "time" to write before and after work. I haven't been bringing my laptop on the ferry and I haven't been really opening it up after work. When I get home from a long day of commuting and work, continuing to stare at a computer screen is not at the top of my list.  I just need to start bringing my computer again.

Instead of writing blog posts, I've been reading, which is a pretty comparable oasis for me. Reading and watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been taking priority over writing on here.  I've also been learning Italian on Duolingo.  And spending more time on the "Explore" section of Instagram than I ever have.  Which is fine.  But I can't keep giving myself the excuse that I'm too "busy" for Best, Isabella.  I've been reading through archives of other people's blog posts instead and feeling bad about not creating content myself.

My posts have been on a steady decline since October 2017.  I'm making it a new goal to get the numbers back on an upward journey.  Getting used to a new job and a new commute is an acceptable excuse, but it's still just an excuse.

I just need to take the pressure off of myself of putting out amazing content and just write about things that will make me happy.  For example, I've had a draft of a January review that I never finished or added pictures to and ever since February 1st passed, it's been blocking me psychologically from writing out any more blog posts.  I need to just delete the draft and move on.  Even though I did have a little bit of funny content on there.  I spent sooo much money in January.  I've really been balling out lately.  Maybe I'll just change it to a running list of things I've bought so far in 2018. That will probably be interesting.

I will keep you apprised accordingly.


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