Vibe for 2018: Polished

Alternatively, Polished/ On/ Chic/ Put-Together

I would prefer my vibe to be more like that of the mannequin's.

Good morning! I've taken a bit of a break from writing here because I've been very busy at work, I've been trying to read more, and inspiration hasn't struck so often.

I've been listening to the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin, and she suggests instead of coming up with New Years Resolutions that we should declare one word (or phrase) mantras for the year that we want to focus on.  Hers is "delegate."  While I was listening to it, the word "polished" kept coming to mind because that's what I want to be, and also what I feel like is most lacking from my life.  Whenever I feel polished, I feel confident.  To me, polished is not about being perfect but about being prepared and put together with effort.  Maybe intentional is a better word.  I'm just done being lazy and looking like a slob.  At least, I want to be done.

This mostly means continuing to put more effort into my outfits, getting rid of things that don't look polished, and maybe trying to actually make my hair nice. My hair is going to be a big part of this. As I type this, I brushed my hair this morning but I just remembered when I was in the car that it still looks like a huge mess.  A low ponytail will save it though.  Hopefully.  This is the kind of thing I want to avoid, but is difficult when I'm exhausted in the morning and running late for the ferry as it is.  I mostly want to concentrate this vibe on the weekends and my days off, because when I'm at work no one really cares what I look like.  It's seriously like wasted effort.  But it's not, because I'm being polished!

Anyway, the point of this one-word mantra is to be able to have something to think about and work towards all year, that is easy to remember.  When I think about purchases, I'll stop and thing whether this adds to my new "polished" lifestyle.  What doesn't look "polished" you ask?  Great question. I would say mostly ill-fitting clothes.  When I feel uncomfortable because a piece of clothing is too tight or fitting in the wrong places, I feel the opposite of polished, whatever that is.  It's also clothes that don't "go" together.  I just want to spend a little extra time to review my outfit in the mirror before I head out for the day, and I want to wear more than just leggings and a sweatshirt on weekends.  I think that's doable.

I want my life and style vibe to basically be Anne Hathaway in The Intern.  That's one of my favorite movies almost solely for the lifestyle vibes.  Alternatively, modeled after Amal Clooney.  Unfortunately I have been making excuses with myself and my clothing because I have to walk to work and it's cold outside, but those things will eventually change.

"Polished" also extends outside of my clothing- I want to be aware and knowledgeable of current events and be able to talk about them with ease, and also be up to date on books and movies.  These are already things that I have been working towards and now I have a direction to focus them in on.  Also a "polished" person is probably able to save some money and doesn't just buy a million things all the time.  The kind of "polished" person I want to be is one that is thoughtful about things and carefully considers things instead of making impulse decisions.  Again, not just in shopping.

I'm clearly not there yet or I wouldn't have made this my mantra.  It's been almost a month of 2018 and I keep forgetting about this, but hopefully now that I've written it all out I can continue to implement it more often.

I will keep you apprised accordingly.


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