I'm Just So "Busy"

Ok so I haven't been posting again. I just don't have "time."  Except I do have time.  I wish I prioritized writing here more because it is actually something that makes me feel good.  I psych myself out with too much added pressure as to writing about interesting things or funny things or adding good pictures or whatever.

I just want to write when the inspiration strikes, but I also only really have "time" to write before and after work. I haven't been bringing my laptop on the ferry and I haven't been really opening it up after work. When I get home from a long day of commuting and work, continuing to stare at a computer screen is not at the top of my list.  I just need to start bringing my computer again.

Instead of writing blog posts, I've been reading, which is a pretty comparable oasis for me. Reading and watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been taking priority over writing on here.  I've also been learning Italian on Duolingo.  And spending more time on the "Explore" section of Instagram than I ever have.  Which is fine.  But I can't keep giving myself the excuse that I'm too "busy" for Best, Isabella.  I've been reading through archives of other people's blog posts instead and feeling bad about not creating content myself.

My Disney Plans: Lunar New Year

We're going to California Adventure on Saturday to see the Lunar New Year festivities.

According to my Instagram, the last time I went to Disneyland was Halloween 2016. I mean, I get that, because that was really the peak Disneyland experience of my life. As a reminder, I was dressed as Ping from Mulan and Andrew was dressed as Shang. It was truly the best.

We are now returning just to DCA to experience Lunar New Year in the park for the first time. Aka, Mulan and Mushu are rumored to be in the park and available for photographs.

I find that when I plan out trips, I have the best experiences.  For a Disney trip, the most important things to plan are your outfit, your food, and your instagrams.

Should I Buy This: Clare V Fanny Pack

I typically only write posts like this when there aren't a lot of photos of people wearing a given item or any reviews of a given item, and I just whine about it. I just googled "clare v fanny pack" though and there are actually a few good mod shots. Maybe I was just limiting myself to instagram, and it wasn't working for me. Never underestimate the power of a google.

Anyway, next weekend I'm going to LA and now that I no longer live near it, I am really craving a Disneyland trip.  Disneyland is having their SoCal resident specials on tickets rn, and since Andrew is still a SoCal resident, I want to take advantage while we can.  The best deal is the two-day one-park-per-day ticket, which you can use Jan 8 to May 24 on non-consecutive days.  The real reason I want to go now, is because I want to see the Lunar New Year Celebration.  I think it's only at DCA, so that will work with our one-park-per-day thing.  More on that in another post.

Long story short, I want a fanny pack for Disneyland.  And for flea markets, and traveling, and hiking (lol jk) and basically just for my life journey.

Vibe for 2018: Polished

Alternatively, Polished/ On/ Chic/ Put-Together

I would prefer my vibe to be more like that of the mannequin's.

Good morning! I've taken a bit of a break from writing here because I've been very busy at work, I've been trying to read more, and inspiration hasn't struck so often.

I've been listening to the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin, and she suggests instead of coming up with New Years Resolutions that we should declare one word (or phrase) mantras for the year that we want to focus on.  Hers is "delegate."  While I was listening to it, the word "polished" kept coming to mind because that's what I want to be, and also what I feel like is most lacking from my life.  Whenever I feel polished, I feel confident.  To me, polished is not about being perfect but about being prepared and put together with effort.  Maybe intentional is a better word.  I'm just done being lazy and looking like a slob.  At least, I want to be done.

HOW-TO Shop for a Women's Suit

Enter a store that you know sells clothes for both yuppie men and yuppie women, and you know definitely sells men's suits. I'm talking about J.Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, etc.

Ask the salesperson if they have any women'SSSsss suits. Make sure to enunciate that S at the end to indicate you're not just going to settle for one suit. 

Proceed to be shown to the ONE style of blazer they carry, and the many styles and patterns of dress pants. Grab a blazer in a size 2 and a 4, and maybe a 6 just because you never know. Think about throwing in a petite size too. Mass-made blazers be crazy. 

Your pant size will most likely be your regular pant size. Stores don't seem to mess this up too often. 

Try on the blazer and pants. Wonder why the blazer is so long and the pants are so flared and how this makes you look so frumpy.

I'm at the Brooks Brothers outlet.
Take mirror pictures to confirm whether or not the suit looks good, because really how can you tell? How are suits supposed to look professional yet chic and okay to wear without heels?

A Gallery Wall Existential Crisis

So I'm in the process of redecorating my room in my parents' house, which I haven't lived in since high school. I finally got rid of the bright teal and yellow walls, and now I am finally able to start decorating those walls with my bags and boxes of wall art that I brought home from my LA apartment.

I'm still waiting for some shelves to be put up and for my TV to be mounted, so I really only had two walls free to cover. One also contained the large window in the room. I had already decided I was either going to put the Audrey Hepburn quote or the Cinderella poster next to the window. I also considered whether the stuff I was putting on the walls was decor that I was okay with leaving in this room when I eventually move back out. The Hepburn quote it was. I felt like that would be okay in a guest room, which I assume this room will eventually turn into. I put up my fancy round mirror sort of behind the door, so I could do a quick check of my face and hair before I run out the door. The rest of the wall I was a little lost on how to fill.

Designer Handbag Wishlist, January 2018

I love bags. Definitely more than shoes and more than I like looking at anything else. Except puppies My explore page on instagram is essentially designer handbags, poodle-mixes, and fitness girls. I would say those are definitely my top three interests on the internet. Of course, I don't need a new bag. No one really needs more than one bag, but somehow we do. For different occasions and when you need to bring different things around! These are the bags that I'm currently dreaming about and pretending I might actually buy.